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How CO2 and calories calculated?



Total units travelled x kg CO2 per unit = total kg CO2

This calculation is the total distance of trips logged for transport purposes multiplied by the amount of CO2 released by an average car, which equals the total kilograms of CO2 per kilometre.

For the purposes of this Challenge, Defra’s carbon conversion factor for an average car (fuel unknown) was used. This is 0.20282kg of CO2 per kilometre as provided in Guidelines to Defra’s Greenhouse Gas Conversion Factors for Company Reporting, June 2008.


Distance (kilometres) x calories/km = total calories

Distance (kilometres) x 18 = total calories

Calories burned by a cyclist vary based on weight, age, body mass index, terrain, speed, wind etc. As there are too many variables to accurately calculate calorie usage, the statistic on this website is an approximation. A moderate cycling speed of 25 kilometres per hour has been assumed for the calculation of calorie expenditure with 18 calories burned per kilometre.

16/02/2010 Commute 20 6
15/02/2010 Commute 20 6
14/02/2010 Recreation 280 35
12/02/2010 Commute 20 6
11/02/2010 Commute 20 6

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