Bike wise

Cycle Safety

Sharing the Road

Cycling is great fun and an excellent way to get around. Here are a few simple tips to stay safe when sharing the road.

Be Seen - Wear high visibility or brightly coloured clothing and use lights. 

Be Aware - Watch for car doors opening, potholes, rubbish, grates, and pedestrians. Always check for left turning vehicles.  

Be Predictable - Make eye contact with other road users. Maintain a straight line and don’t pass on the left hand side.  

Be Confident - Use hand signals and a bell. Ride at least one metre from parked cars. Use the cycle or traffic lane. 

Be Safe - Follow the road rules and choose the safest route.  

Be Patient - Slow down near parked or lined up vehicles. Pass slowly and only when safe.

Be Prepared - Wear an approved helmet and check your bike regularly - brakes, tyres, chain, lights, reflectors.

Safer journeys for everyone

We all want to be safe on the road whether we're on a bike, in a car, or on foot. We've created a pocket pack of safety tips for bike riders and motorists - perfect for popping in your wallet or pocket when you are on the go.

 Safety tips on urban roads (647 KB)

 Safety tips on rural roads (629 KB)

Safe cycling for children

This safe riding tips factsheet gives you all the info you need to help your children stay safe on their bikes.

Your equipment

Know the road rules

Before cycling on the road you must know the road rules. They apply to cyclists as well as those using motor vehicles. The rules help to prevent crashes and reduce risk of injury.

The official New Zealand code for cyclists is a user-friendly guide to New Zealand’s traffic law and safe cycling practices. Full information is on the NZTA website. We recommend you read the Cyclist Road Code.

For more information about equipment and behaviour rules go to the NZTA website.