Bike wise


This section is for people who simply love biking and believe in its many benefits.

We want to get more people biking - to cafes, to the market, to work, to school, or to have fun with family and friends.

We would love you to help us spread the word so this section contains tips and resources that you can use.

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For Business

For Workplaces

Cycling can raise productivity, encourage teamwork and make your organisation an even better place to work in. You can also help your colleagues save on petrol and parking.

Check out how you can make cycling a part of your workplace and get more people cycling to work. More information here...

For Event Coordinators

For Event Organisers

For those thinking of organising a Go By Bike Day, a Big Bike Tune Up, or any Bike Wise related events, read on for why you should get involved. There’s advice on how to organise events, the posters and resources available and how to get your community on board. Find out more...

For Schools

For Schools

Students who bike can improve their fitness, concentration skills and gain more confidence. So how do you get your students to start biking? How do you rally support for biking facilities? Find out how you can make a difference.

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For Councils and Communities

For Families

Biking is about promoting a better quality of life by reducing traffic congestion, encouraging people to be healthier and getting them out and about in their community.

See what you can do to get more people on their bikes. More information here...