10 great reasons to take part

The next Bike Wise Challenge will run throughout February 2012. But you can start thinking about it now!

Here are great reasons for you to take part!

  • It’s fun! You get to do something different with your colleagues or get away from the office
  • It saves money. Not just from petrol costs but from parking charges as well. You can use the extra money to buy the things you really want
  • It keeps you fit and healthy! No need for the gym memberships. Your colleagues will notice that extra glow when you come to work
  • You will arrive at work invigorated from the fresh air and exercise
  • You get to rediscover your town and city in a whole new way
  • You’re doing your bit to cut down on congestion and save the environment
  • You’re more alert, possibly work better and faster as well 
  • You enjoy greater teamwork with your colleagues. New friendships might be formed!
  • There are great prizes to be won 
  • There is the thrill of beating the competition.