Big Bike Tune Up

What is the Big Bike Tune Up (BBTU)?

The BBTU is a safety initiative designed to encourage new and past bike-riders to get their unused bikes out of storage and along to a BBTU event. Mechanics at a BBTU event will give the bike a quick maintenance check to make sure it is safe and road-worthy.

My bike needs some TLC – how can I find a BBTU event near me?

Check out the events finder on the Bike Wise website. You can search for events in your region and then head along to get some inspiration to start riding your bike. Remember, there are great health benefits from cycling and you will save money by not taking the car.

You can also download this guide on how to do a basic bike maintenance check yourself:

Bike Wise Big Bike Tune Up self help guide (PDF, 390 KB)

I’m an event coordinator – what is available for me?

Bike Wise has created resources to help you run a successful BBTU event with great ideas about location, advertising and examples of similar events. There are also resources available like posters and flyers so you can advertise the event in your area. Take a look and think about including a Big Bike Tune Up as part of another event, or create a separate event that focuses on bike checks and repairs.

Big Bike Tune Up resources

 How to plan, promote and run a Big Bike Tune Up event (PDF, 329 KB)
 Big Bike Tune Up 'Swiss cheese' media release (Word, 144 KB)
 Bike Wise Big Bike Tune Up self help guide (PDF, 390 KB)
 Big Bike Tune Up flyer template (Word, 477 KB)
 Big Bike Tune Up poster template (Word, 1MB)