Bike Wise launches Be Bright campaign

05 April 2012

Cyclists’ visibility to other road users, especially during times of low light and poor weather, is an essential part of cyclists’ safety.  Wearing high-visibility clothing and installing correct lights on their bikes are simple ways for cyclists to ensure they are visible to other road users and keep themselves safe on the road.

Bike Wise and the NZ Police have launched the Be Bright campaign in five main centres around New Zealand.  The on the ground campaign will involve such activities as:

  • Checkpoints at key locations where Police will assess reflective gear and lights.  Those that have adequate lights may be rewarded while cyclists that do not have adequate lights may be given help to get lights

  • Roving cycle ambassadors who  stop cyclists without lights and offer to fit lights on their bikes at no cost

  • Cycling ambassadors attending major cycling events and giving out lights and high-visibility cycling clothing.

If you are an coordinator and would like to get involved with organising a Be Bright campaign in your area, check out the Bike Wise website for more information. There is a bundle of resources such as a ‘how to’ guide, ‘Swiss cheese’ media release, and a sponsorship proposal to help you on the way.

If you are a cyclist (or are thinking about cycling through autumn and winter) look out for a Be Bright event near you and keep in mind:

By law, cyclists are required to have:

  • a red or yellow rear reflector that is visible from a distance of 100 metres when light shines on it

  • yellow pedal reflectors, or if their bike does not have these, the cyclist must wea reflective material

  • when light is dim or dark, a steady or flashing rear-facing bike light and one or two white or yellow headlights that can be seen at night from a distance of 100m.  If the cycle is fitted with one headlamp, that headlamp may be flashing. If fitted with two headlamps, only one of the headlamps may be flashing.

You could be issued with a $55 infringement for not having lights on your bike, a $55 infringement for having no tail light on your bike, and/or a $55 infringement for having no red reflector or tape on your bike.  A set of lights usually costs around $30 to $60 so it really is worth the investment!

Check out the official New Zealand code for cyclists on the NZ Transport Agency’s website for more information about how to be a safe cyclist.