Glentunnel School benefits from Bike Wise programme

02 May 2012

Here at Bike Wise it is always great to hear positive cycling stories, and particularly so when the stories involve children.  Recently we received a beautiful handmade card from the students at Glentunnel School.

Glentunnel School is a rural primary school in the district of South Malvern, which is based at the foothills of the Southern Alps.

Constable Meg Moynihan, an enthusiastic Police Education Officer, is responsible for delivering cycle lessons to students at Glentunnel School.  

She obviously does a brilliant job as the card from the students demonstrates.


Dear Bike Wise

Constable Meg Moynihan is our local Police Education Officer.  She is fantastic. She comes every year and teaches us about being safe.  Junior classes learn about safe walking and being a safe passenger, and the senior class learn about safe cycling.  When we finished learning about safe cycling last week Constable Meg gave our school a box of great bike products that she said you kindly sent to her.  We would like to thank you so very, very much for these great items.  We especially like the reflective wrist/ankle slap-bands and bicycle bells.  People who did really well in our school triathlon (which we had last week) won your wonderful products.

We are now much safer because of the products you have given us. We will use your products heaps because we often ride our bikes at the weekend and in events like local fun rides.

From all the students at Glentunnel School


The combination of outstanding people working with children in schools and helpful resources means New Zealand kids are able to experience the benefits of cycling from an early age and in a safe environment. 

A big thank you to Constable Meg Moynihan and all the students at Glentunnel School for sharing your Bike Wise story!


Photo of thank you card from Glentunnel School students