Buddy cyclists to encourage more cycling in Christchurch

11 April 2016

A new initiative called ‘Go Cycle Christchurch’ is setting out to encourage more people to get out on their bikes and enjoy the great facilities and scenery the city has on offer. 

The brainchild of local cycling enthusiast Connie Christensen, the premise is quite straightforward: help people find a suitable cycle route from A to B and then buddy up with them for the first few outings.

Simple? Yes, but with cycling arguably a fairly difficult activity to get into (there’s the bike, the routes and the rules of the road to consider), Connie’s approach is likely to provide just the impetus new cyclists need to get them spinning their pedals.

Connie believes one of the barriers to cycling as a form of transport is safety, especially for the inexperienced. “For many the idea of biking is quite frightening and it is perceived to be quite a dangerous activity,” she says.

However, Connie sensibly notes that a good route choice, together with a cycle volunteer to show the ropes, will give those new to the activity the confidence to get out and ride, hopefully resulting in more trips made by bicycle.

But what does it cost? Go Cycle Christchurch is a volunteer initiative with no costs at all.

If you’d like to give of your time and help spread the love of bicycle riding, visit the Facebook page or send Connie an email at GoCycleChristchurch@gmail.com.

She’ll do the rest to get you started and matched with a riding buddy.

Go Cycle Christchurch is also interested in hearing from cycle commuters who work in medium to large Christchurch companies, who would like to setup a ‘cycle buddy’ scheme to help more of their colleagues to give cycling a go.