Mountain Bike Heaven (Alexandra)

Alexandra | Tricky | 3 - 4 hours | 18km | View Mountain Bike Heaven map (GIF, 19 KB)
The red and yellow route markers off Tucker Hill Road, just out of Alexandra, mark the start of some of the best trails in the country. One track is an old water race. Try the easier lower tracks first. Then head on up to the more difficult rides like Big Dipper and Roller Coaster.

Whare Flat Forest (Dunedin)

Dunedin | Average | 2 - 4 hours (up to 19km) |  View Whare Flat Forest map (PDF, 727 KB)
A maze of tracks, varying from narrow and slippery to wide and smooth, make this a great place to explore, but use a map to keep track of your location. The trail starts about 1km along Laings Road, off Whare Flat Road (on way up to the Bullpen) on the left. Right from the get go, it's tight technical riding with challenging natural and man-made obstacles continuing for close to 6km.