Get your workplace cycling

Encouraging staff to regularly cycle to work, take lunchtime cycle breaks or meet business contacts for a bike ride, benefits the individual and the workplace.

The physical and mental health benefits from regular cycling are well documented. For example, an Australian trial showed that employees who exercised regularly were more productive, felt more alert and were less stressed in their jobs.  A Copenhagen study of over 30,000 people found that businesses benefited from encouraging staff to cycle to and from work, as cycling commuters took fewer sick days than their non-cycling counterparts.

Staff who cycle together can build teams and strengthen relationships, which in turn increases the happiness, functionality and general wellbeing of the workplace.

Get your workplace cycling 'how to' guide and editable templates

Get a cycling event or programme going in your workplace. Simply check out the Bike Wise 'Get your workplace cycling' guide, which includes: 

  • Benefits of and tips for cycling
  • A step-by-step approach to planning your workplace cycling related activities
  • Suggestions for how to engage staff and support a workplace cycling culture. 
  • Case studies from cycle-friendly New Zealand workplaces 
  • Handy editable templates, such as a facilities checklist, staff survey, workplace cycle plan and a poster/flyer/certificate

The events and promotions in the guide are designed to encourage people to overcome barriers to participation in cycling, to regularly cycle as a form of transport, and to reward those who cycle.  

The event and promotion ideas can be spread over any period, whether it is a week, fortnight, month or longer.  Ideally, these activities are fun and tie in with in-house ‘wellness’ programmes and could kick off a longer-term cycling programme in your workplace.


Cycle Advocates Network Cycle Friendly Awards for workplaces

Once your workplace cycling programme is up and running, put in a nomination for the Cycle Friendly Awards, run by CAN (Cycling Action Network), which include a cycle friendly employer award.