The following resources are intended for education and informational purposes only.  Users must consider their specific circumstances and meet any legal and regulatory requirements (including those relating to health and safety). The NZ Transport Agency does not accept responsibility for any loss or injury that arises from the use of or reliance upon any information contained in these resources. 

NZ's Favourite Places to Cycle

NZ’s Favourite Places to Cycle is all about getting Kiwis to identify, share and celebrate their favourite places to cycle throughout this beautiful country of ours. Check back here in 2017 to find useful resources.

Month of Cycling

Check back here in February 2017 to find resources to help promote your Month of Cycling event.

Go By Bike Day

The next Go By Bike Day is Wednesday 8 February 2017.

Use the posters and flyers below to help promote your Go By Bike Day event.

Go By Bike Day 2017 A4 Jpeg (Jpeg, 1.37MB)

Go By Bike Day 2017 A4 editable poster (Word, 1.4MB)

Go By Bike Day 2017 poster for school events (PDF, 682.4 KB)

Go By Bike Day 2017 A4 poster for community events (PDF, 4.1MB)

Go By Bike Day 2017 A5 flyer for community events (PDF, 1.63MB)

Be Bright

The 'how to' guide and editable templates, such as posters, media release and cyclist survey, will help you run a Be Bright campaign. 

Be Bright 'how to' run your campaign (Word, 4MB)

The Explorer

This guide provides easy to follow advice and templates for those wanting to organise an Explorer clue trail on wheels.

The Explorer 'how to' guide and templates (Word, 1 MB)

The Explorer map and clue template (Word, 500 KB)

Big Bike Tune Up

The Big Bike Tune Up (BBTU) 'how to' guide and templates are designed for those who want to run a basic bike maintenance and/or safety check. Use guide, the templates and online resources as a 'pick and mix' to make your job easier. 

 Big Bike Tune Up 'How to' guide and templates (Word, 4MB)

 Bike maintenance self help guide (Word, 0.5MB)

Bike and helmet seven point safety check

Do a quick pre-ride 'seven point safety check' and make your ride safer and more fun. 

Seven point safety check (pdf O.5MB)

Get your workplace cycling

This guide includes advice on how to plan and deliver inhouse activities and includes NZ case studies and editable templates.

Get your work place cycling guide (Word 2.4MB)

Get your school cycling

These resources include information and editable templates to help you deliver a Big Bike Tune Up and Go By Bike Day at your school.

Bike Bike tune up for schools (Word 2.8MB)

Sample Bike Wise RAMs Form (Word, 25 KB)

Bike Buyer's guide

This resource will help you consider the type of bike, find the right size and, if it is a second-hand bike, assess the safety of the bike. 

Bike buyers guide (Word 1MB)

Safe riding tips

These safe riding tips are ideal for parents and teachers introducing children to cycling and also for those looking for a refresh on safety aspects before getting back on the bike.

Safety tips for cyclists and motorists on rural roads (PDF, 0.2MB)

Safety tips for cyclists and motorists on urban roads (PDF, 0.2MB)

Cycling factsheets

Download cycling factsheets to use with your promotional material.

Radio Ads

Download these radio ads for use on your local station

  Family radio ad (MP3, 1MB)

  New cyclist radio ad (MP3, 1MB)