Bike Wise 101 – resources for teachers

Being a teacher is a busy job so we’ve created a menu of cycling ideas, resources and links to help you inspire your students to find out more about cycling. These include:

Handy links for teachers


Books about bikes and stories about cycling:

The future of cycling – for your research

  • What is the future of cycling?
  • Will more people use electric bikes?
  • Will there be new types of bikes? Will more people cycle?
  • Where do you park your bike in the future?

Here are a few links to get you started:

Types of cycling

There are many forms of cycling, for some people the bike is just a means of transport but for others it’s for health, fun, or sport. Students can explore the various forms of cycling and may want to further investigate how to get involved.

Suggestions to include:

  • image of the bike used
  • description of the type of cycling
  • image of someone doing the activity – it could be a friend, someone in your community or a cycling star like Julian Dean or Sarah Ulmer
  • what you like about this type of cycling
  • how to get involved.

Types of cycling

Road cycling, track cycling, mountain biking, BMX, cyclo cross, bike touring, commuting, randonneuring and many more.

Related links

Writing and wondering

Write and create images for a magical bicycle journey using aliens and friends

Using a cycling poster from the Internet write a poem that tells people about the picture

Design a ‘pick a path’ game about cycling around your local area using Google Maps

Write and illustrate a 10 step comic strip description of a fixing a tyre on a bike

Related links

Bike safety

Seven point safety check

Before cycling to school make sure you check your bike and helmet – the Bike Wise seven point safety check pocket pamphlet is an ideal resource, download the digital version (PDF, 1.4 MB).

Bike Wise safety fact sheet for cyclists

Cycling to school can be a great way to get exercise, develop confidence and learn to share the road safely with motorists and other people on bikes. Before getting on your bike, read the Cycling to school safely (PDF, 3.7MB) fact sheet.

The cyclist’s road code

Cyclists share the roads with motor vehicles. If you are a cyclist, for your own safety and the safety of other road users, you must follow the road rules and have the right equipment.

Find a way to share the NZ Transport Agency’s road rules and equipment fact sheet with your class.

Bikes in Schools

Bikes in Schools is a programme with the goal of getting school children riding bikes in school, in a safe environment. Enabled through the Bike On NZ Charitable Trust, bike tracks are built in school grounds and supported with new bikes and helmets. The programme also helps the school establish bike storage facilities and find a bike coach to introduce the programme and teach basic riding skills. You can also see what types of tracks can be built.

Is there a bike track in a school near you?

This map shows which schools have a Bikes in Schools cycle track package. There are 50 participating schools in New Zealand already.

Design your own school bike track

You could make a 3D track using found materials or perhaps use Minecraft or Scratch to create a track. Once you have designed your bike track show your principal and then share it with the Bike Wise team.